We are passionate about focusing on the whole child and understand that your child has unique and special talents which deserve to be developed, expressed, and celebrated.  We are able to free your child from the restraints of prescribed learning and harness their individuality to create a learning path which is unique to their personality. 

 We provide;

How does YouPlanIt Classroom support parents?

As a home educator, we understand that the curriculum choices for home educators can be overwhelming.

Questions like;
Where should I start?
What curriculum should I use?
How do I know what I have chosen will align with the national curriculum?
Am I delivering the best for my child?
How do I know which supporting curriculum resources, achievement objectives, and lessons will be best?
You've chosen to use technology as a way of delivering learning to your child but you are worried about the amount of time your child spends on the computer?

YouPlanIt Classrooms can help you through all of this giving you the confidence to manage the challenge of home educating your child.


Subjects covered

Math, Writing, Reading, Science, Social Science, Technology, Project Math, My Creative Space and My choice all connected through a non subject call Wonder.  (The Arts coming soon) Suitable for students aged 7 to 14/15 years.

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Our hope is that by using YouPlanIt Classroom your child becomes empowered to mature their talents, become purposeful in its expression and find fulfillment knowing they have everything they need to move forward in their learning.


For more information see - Planning, Marking, and Reporting