We are passionate about focusing on the whole child and mother and girl removebg previewunderstand that your child has unique and special talents that deserve to be developed, expressed, and celebrated.  We are able to free your child from the restraints of prescribed learning and harness their individuality to create a learning path that is unique to them. 

 Subjects covered

 Math, Writing, Reading, Science, Social Science, Technology, Project Maths, My Creative Space, and My   choice all connected through a non-subject call Wonder.  Suitable for students aged 7 to 16 years.

For getting started using the YPI Platform for Homeschoolers please click here https://www.aotearoatutoring.org/


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Our hope is that by using YPI your child becomes empowered to mature their talents, become purposeful in its expression and find fulfillment knowing they have everything they need to move forward in their learning.


For more information see - Planning, Marking, and Reporting