YPI is a software platform that contains the day-to-day learning of self-motivated and fully engaged learners while effortlessly affording access by you, the classroom teacher, curriculum leaders, and principals to track, report and automate the goals and aspirations of the New Zealand Curriculum Refresh. 

Please accept our invitation to learn more about this outstanding new tool, designed and developed by dedicated educators like you.

Automation of Student Ownership

As teachers, we know that Student-Ownership is a huge advantage to our students, but it comes at a big price to us: Giving our students Agency requires a lot of our time and energy. Now, with YouPlanIt Classroom, your workload is reduced and streamlined. How? Through our pre-populated learning plans, in-line with the National Curriculum and supported by flexible assessment rubrics. Use our plans as a base or modify to suit your own teaching style.

  • Within any subject, switch on or off 'teacher-prescribed learning' and 'student ownership of learning' with ease.
  • Teachers can create lesson plans under one minute using YPI resources OR modify to suit students' needs. 
  • Invite other classes to lesson plans and class discussions.  Provides real-time feedback, tracking, and reporting.
  • Automation reduces paperwork in a productive way allowing teachers more time to focus on building relationships.

Reduced teacher workloads and allowing them to reclaim their evenings and weekends

  • Wave goodbye to the mundane and time-consuming paperwork. With YouPlanIt Classroom, it’s automated within seconds
  • Pre-populated learning plans, in-line with the National Curriculum and supported by flexible assessment rubrics. Use our plans as a base or modify to suit your own teaching style
  • End of term reporting is made easy with our report-as-you-go feature
  • Unclog your curriculum planning, slow down the curriculum delivery and improve student outcomes
  • Unleash your students' potential without the fear of being over-worked
  • Save time planning, marking and reporting so that you can spend more time getting to know your students and their personal needs. 


  • Planning that supports concept-based learning, and proven strategies for learning 
  • Transformational lesson planning for teachers and students making planning the easy part of school life
  • Plan ahead with set dates
  • Formative and summative assessments automatically support most learning areas
  • Co-construct Learning objectives and Success Criteria menu which can be modified by a student or teacher to meet the needs of the individual student or group
  • Resources are immediately accessible to students and teachers
  • Resources can easily be added to a lesson by the student or teacher
  • Collaborative planning in groups or with the teacher
  • Comprehensive frameworks to lead students through their learning


  • Students self-assess, reflect and comment on their work
  • Teachers can view students' communication, goals, learning intentions, success criteria, group work, individual work, files, and completed work, etc. to write well informed Overall Teacher Judgments
  • Teachers view and respond to student reflections and self-assessments to carry out conferences and support general comments for student reports
  • All comments and marking are immediately sent to the reporting system which automatically generates student reports that are accessible anytime, anywhere.


  • All reporting is a response to the self-assessment, reflection, and teacher marking of student's work, etc.
  • The reporting system will record all the responses and filter these into the correct curriculum areas and provide a full profile of the student's progress
  • Graphs show what the students have completed in the New Zealand Curriculum standards and show what they still need to complete
  • A final 'general comment' should be provided by the teacher
  • A general 'encouraging comment' by the student's parent or guardian can also be added to the student report


The foundation of YouPlanIt (YPI) is the belief that humans are born with an insatiable imagination which is both miraculous and magnificent. We provide a software platform that allows learners to realise the power of inspiration and trust its ability to lead them into success.

YPI is designed and dedicated to developing student ownership where students can forge their own learning journey based on their personal interests and feed this effortlessly into any curriculum area which is a 'best fit' to express their ideas. It's intuitive, flexible and keeps everything in one place for instant planning, tracking, marking and reporting