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Intelligent automation provides the best of both worlds by allowing teachers and students to plan, mark, and report on a personalised learning journey. 

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Are you and your students happy, connected and energised?

Do you watch in awe as your students immerse themselves in self-managed learning, giving you space and time to mentor them?

Is life as a teacher as you imagined it?

This may seem like a dream, but the reality is, it’s possible with the right technology. This is what we do:

YouPlanIt is a software platform that contains the day to day learning of self-motivated and fully engaged learners, while effortlessly affording access by you, the classroom teacher, curriculum leaders, and principals to track, report and automate compliance with state curriculum requirements.  


Get insights into your students' communication and collaborative groups.

Get an up-to-minute view of your students’ personal or collaborative communications, subject chat-groups, feedback requests and responses, group or individual project submissions, current work progress and track performance in a fraction of the time.

YouPlanIt is designed to deal with those repetitive jobs we all have to do as teachers and automates them so that you have more time to spend with your students.

You can create a plan in minutes and deliver it to your students on a schedule you determine and modify lessons as students work.

Get Real-Time Notifications:
Students will notify the teacher of any plans they have created, (including resources, learning intentions, success criteria and groups within the plan). They can ask for help using the 'live' messaging feature, ask for feedback from teachers, parents, or peers at any time of the learning journey.

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Because the self-assessments are so critical in reflecting the students’ learning we have enabled them to be modified to meet individual targets and support students' personal goals for learning. 

The achievement objectives are deeply embedded in curriculum goals, however, these can be rejected or accepted.  You have the option of creating your own or collaborate with your student to determine the final learning outcomes.  

Subjects covered

Math, Writing, Reading, Science, Social Science, Technology, Project Math, My Creative Space and My choice all connected through a non subject call Wonder. (The Arts coming soon) Suitable for students aged 7 to 14/15 years.

Students plan their own lessons.
Learning is very much an organic experience and planning for students can be extremely challenging especially when planning to meet their individual needs.  Allowing students to have a level of control in the planning process is a powerful entry point for learning new skills and developing a deeper understanding of any subject.  With 'buy-in' the students begin to formulate ideas and ask genuine questions which are unique to the students' level of understanding. YouPlanIt Classroom is designed to capture these questions and develop deeper thinking within their chosen context for learning. Thus, learning is driven by curiosity.  Of course, there will always be tasks that the students need to learn that are set by the teacher but these can complement the overall learning journey. 

YouPlanIt captures the learning journey and feeds this into the National Curriculum as the students complete their work. Student outcomes are accurate and reliable providing a true reflection of the learning journey while fulfilling the requirements of the National Curriculum in ‘real time’.  No assumptions, no tricks, just plain honest reporting with reliable evidence.

Deal a blow to work-overload

  • Within any subject, switch on or off 'teacher-prescribed learning' and 'student-driven learning' with ease.
  • Teachers can create lesson plans under one minute using YouPlanIt resources OR modify to suit students' needs. 
  • Invite other classes to lesson plans and class discussions.  Provides real-time feedback, tracking, and reporting.
  • Automation reduces paperwork in a productive way allowing teachers more time to focus on building relationships.

A clean management system- you don’t want to fight with clogged features that get in the way of doing ‘what needs to be done’.  
YouPlanIt takes minutes to learn – not hours.  That means doing more teaching and less paperwork. Best of all, you can start a new lesson within minutes and modify later.

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