All-In-One Student Centred Educational Platform.

YouPlanIt Classroom (YPI) creates an authentic, collaborative learning environment for both teachers and students online, anytime and anywhere. 


What YouPlanIt Classroom can do for Teachers and Learners

  • Teachers can engage with students in a more authentic way and build meaningful connections for better learning.
  • Build better life competencies using a blend of concept-based learning, contextual and content delivered curriculum.
  • Develop personal mastery in social and academic disciplines.
  • Create life-long learners who know who they are and what they can do before they leave school.
  • Accelerate learning opportunities affording students access to personal interests and create their own lessons/plans.
  • Speed up the way lessons are delivered to students so that students don't need to wait for the teacher.
  • Speed up the rate of feedback and instruction so students can deliberate with clarity, determine their next steps and control the rate at which they learn.
  • Provide a platform which directs students to think deeply and independently.
  • Provides students with a deliberate pathway to help them think critically and solve problems.
  • Support students to tackle unknown challenges.
  • Build connectivity with community, family, and peers.
  • Perfect for the standard School environment. For the Home School environment - see
  • Become open to flexible learning locations (not tied to one place).
  • Move away from a time-based learning environment (not-one-size-fits-all).
  • Have the ability to empower networks of learners across classrooms, schools, regions and the world.
  • Master content without the typical time restraints of a time-based learning environment.

A common-sense approach to learning in your class

  • Subjects covered are Writing, Reading, Science, Social Science, Math and Technology.
  • Switch effortlessly where appropriate between teacher-prescribed and student-led learning for the whole or part of a class. It's easy to make changes on the fly.
  • Intelligent automation provides teachers or students to plan, track, mark, and report on the students personalised learning journey.
  • Currently suitable for classrooms with 7 to 14/15 year old students.
  • YouPlanIt Classroom will free up many hours a week for the teacher, quickly paying for itself with time saved. 
  • 2500+ Lessons in 'child-speak'. All lessons and achievement objectives are digitally modifiable and delivered instantly to students or created by students.
  • 6000+ Achievement Objectives. (Rubric - criteria to evaluate specific tasks)
  • 3,400+ Learning intentions & success criteria.
  • 2500+ Instructional audios and videos in 'child-speak'  

Take action today

  • Partially or fully integrate YouPlanIt Classroom into your current classroom workflow.
  • To view testimonials from those using YouPlanIt Classroom in their school. Click here.
  • Included as part of our Educational Platform is an in-house App to sync notes and photos on-the-go from your cell phone and later into your browser work area. Many times our best thoughts and moments come to us away from a computer. See - Android or iOS
  • Would you struggle to consistently prepare your next class under 2 to 3 minutes? No problem, get started here. We are here to make your classroom environment an easier one at a very affordable price and put systems in place that work for you and your students.