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Student Voice Matters

All in one online education software management platform for personalized learning enhancing student voice.

Are you looking to transform your centres of learning through greater student ownership?  Do you want to make a smooth transition to future-focused schools? Are you keen to develop resilient, creative, and adaptable learners who can work in a team or work independently with outstanding interpersonal skills?

Or, are you looking to find better ways of tracking, marking and reporting on a personalised learning journey and at the same time reduce teacher workload?

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If pushing your students doesn't work, try pulling using student voice and the power of curiosity!

Intelligent automation provides the best of both worlds by allowing teachers and students to plan, track, mark, and report on a personalised learning journey.

We help teachers and educators manage the day to day responsibilities of a student-led learning environment and change lives through authentic planning.

Switch effortlessly between teacher-prescribed and student-led learning for the whole or part of a class. It's easy to make changes on the fly. YouPlanIt Classroom will free up many hours a week for teachers allowing them to focus on those things which matter most.  

2500+ Lessons in 'child-speak'. All lessons and achievement objectives are digitally modifiable and delivered instantly to students or created by students.
6000+ Achievement Objectives. (Rubric - criteria to evaluate specific tasks)
3,400+ Learning intentions & success criteria.
2500+ Instructional audios and videos in 'child-speak' 
100+ 'How-to' videos for both teacher and student.

Partially or fully integrate YouPlanIt Classroom into your current classroom workflow.

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We now have an app for your phone to sync notes and photos on-the-go into your work area. See - Android or iOS