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6 Ways By Which Technology Can Simplify Online Learning

6 Ways By Which Technology Can Simplify Online Learning

The modern-day world is witnessing borders that are gradually diminishing. And it is not related to factors like politics, business, or citizenship. It is here that technology has had a massive impact - it has simplified and enhanced a classroom, erased borders by incorporating individual learning needs and given instructors the flexibility to instruct students in a way that would be most beneficial.

Teachers can also make use of technology for offering various learning approaches and opportunities that would instruct, engage and support students with interesting tactics specifically designed to ensure that it appeals to learners in a class or individually. Technology has simplified learning in such a manner that students no longer feel that they are trapped in a class that they are not interested or not understanding and therefore losing the zeal for learning.

One of the major factors that have simplified online learning are the various online learning tools andvarious LMS software. Here are 6 ways by which learning has been simplified:

1.   No need to be physically present

eLearning has introduced a way by which it is not mandatory to be physically there in the classroom or school. Video conferencing is one such technology that of learning for someone who is unable to be physically present in a classroom. Such technologies allow students at home to enjoy a thoroughly interactive class and have the same experience as someone who is physically there in the class.

2.   Language

In a standard set up, a teacher would use a particular language for explaining concepts and meanings. In an e-learning scenario, teachers can pick up movie clips for explaining certain words and scenarios for making pupils understand the content and how to use the words in a particular context. This gamut of experiences makes learning sessions more interactive and interesting. It holds the attention of the class without their minds wandering off.

3.   Access to information

In olden times, getting information meant visiting libraries, scanning through numerous books and then get the required information. Now it is much easier with online sources fulfilling every information requirement. Both teachers and students can utilize the internet and in just a few minutes get the answer that they were searching for. Learning any concept is much easier because of ease of access and the high speed at which information becomes available.

4.   Matching pace

Many learners perform better when they are free to learn at their own pace. With technology, learning has become more convenient as now it can match the speed with which the learner wants to learn instead of trying to keep up with thepublic school system. Online courses too are now an option where students can work at their own pace. 

5. Interactivity

Textbooks would always have an important space to occupy in the realm of education - be it online or classroom-based. With technology and various tools that have flooded the world, learners today get to grasp the subject matter better with interactivity and audio-visuals. Online learning is becoming increasingly popular because it is explaining concepts in an interactive manner while driving the point home. Students need to use their brains and ‘do’ something to arrive at the desired result and this ’doing’ is reinforcing the concepts and strengthening learning. Such interactivity is more engaging, supporting and interesting in comparison to what students did years ago.  

6. Simplifying lessons

Concepts, when taught simply, are more effective. Lessons are becoming simpler for learners to grasp and retain because new technologies have a simplifying impact. Smartboards, tablets, laptops, IFPDs (Interactive Flat Panel Displays) go a long way in simplifying online lessons. It is due to technology that lessons are multi-media rich and, therefore, thoroughly engaging. These act as support for the things learned in a formal classroom set up and in online classes. 

To get the advantages as stated above, one can use the various online learning platforms and elearning tools. 

Technology that has simplified learneLearningingsystems which is a vast repository where information can be stored 

The learning platforms function on learning management and tracked with ease. One needs to have a login and a password for accessing the various training resources. For an LMS online that is self-hosted, users need to have it installed on the hard drive to gain access to the company server.

Thus, several technological factors have come together and made online learning and learning/education a much simpler affair. It has broken the barriers of geography, physical presence and made communication easy. Courses have been designed to suit individual needs and therefore learning is much more impactful.

Technology has enabled a great amount of flexibility helps provide students with individual learning events, enables reaching higher flexibility and diversity in various educational methodologies. Teachers, too, can attend to the needs of a student and take help from online resources for making learning effective for all.


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