YouPlanIt focuses its intention on giving students a voice and choice in learning. We have pulled together the wisdom, voice, and ideas from a broad base of research and experience from schools, world leaders in innovation and, of course, from teachers working in the classroom whom all seek to advance authentic learning experiences for our students and understand the power of having a voice.

We are keenly aware that any venture into the educational field can become overwhelmed by the complexities of learning styles, beliefs, and the perspective of different traditions.  For this reason, we provide a platform by which other frameworks for learning can feed into.

The foundation of YouPlanIt (YPI) is the belief that humans are born with an insatiable imagination which is both miraculous and magnificent. We provide a software platform which allows learners to realise the power of inspiration and trust its ability to lead them into success. YouPlanIt is designed and dedicated to developing student ownership where students can forge their own learning journey based on their personal interests and feed this effortlessly into any curriculum area which is a 'best fit' to express their ideas. It's intuitive, flexible and keeps everything in one place for instant planning, tracking, marking and reporting

We are all about Positive Teaching Solutions making life as a teacher easy and uncluttered

YouPlanIt was founded in 2018. The pragmatic approach and solutions based ideas in our program have been initiated by our founder, Tala Pasley, who has come from a background of 20 years of hard-knock experience in the classroom. Being married and bringing up twin young boys and helping bring up two older girls has a tendency to keep one grounded.

Because of the huge undertaking to provide a world-class program many people have been involved in its development and story.

Our primary goal is to drastically reduce the workload of teachers through automation.

We are all about reaching the minds of our students, giving them a voice through a much easier approach to student ownership and leading them to experience the full power of collaborative interactions between teacher and learner.

We believe we have achieved that - join us. 

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Lao Tzu 


YouPlanIt introduction video

We acknowledge that children are born inquisitive, bold, creative, and are comfortable taking risks

We believe academic excellence is based on the ability of our children to communicate with clarity and build upon their diverse ideas, questions, creations, and thinking.  This becomes the building blocks for self-awareness, strength, pride, passion, and purpose in all they do.

We believe in the autonomy of our children’s intelligence to drive learning and change the world