Have you rocked up to a class having nothing prepared?

Have you woken up in the morning panicking because you're not prepared for the day?

Are you getting that gut feeling of dread and anticipation as you drive to work knowing what you are facing at school?

Subjects covered

Math, Writing, Reading, Science, Social Science, Technology, Project Math, My Creative Space, and My choice all connected through a non-subject call Wonder. (The Arts coming soon) Suitable for students aged 7 to 14/15 years.

Under 3 minutes you can have a comprehensive plan delivered to your whole class or individuals. Switching between teacher prescribed and student-led learning for all or part of the class has never been easier. Learn more

Suggestions on how to integrate YouPlanIt Classroom into your class or school.  Click here

We acknowledge that children are born inquisitive, bold, creative, and are comfortable taking risks

We believe academic excellence is based on the ability of our children to communicate with clarity and build upon their diverse ideas, questions, creations, and thinking.  This becomes the building blocks for self-awareness, strength, pride, passion, and purpose in all they do.

We believe in the autonomy of our children’s intelligence to drive learning and change the world