When you perceive choice you perceive motivation.   

Ellen Langer (Mindfulness)

Teaching a motivated student can be energising for the teacher and most definitely rewarding for the student.  Motivation provides all the ingredients for success, it breaks down barriers to learning and builds confidence.  

Choice provides the students with the motivation to succeed.  

A lot of trust is involved in letting our students make important choices about their learning journey.  It is even scarier when you consider the responsibilities we have as teachers to make sure this student performs to the expectations of a curriculum. So we get 'tough' and push these students to listen, do their work, stop distracting others, stop playing up, stop being disruptive and most definitely, JUST GET THAT WORK DONE!  I need it on my desk tomorrow.  

Expectations are great and even necessary for our kids to succeed. How do you do this without spending hours in planning?  With a few clicks, YouPlanIt Classroom can slowly release the student to take ownership of their learning and free teachers to spend more time on developing critical thinking skills while at the same time improve student outcomes. 

YouPlanIt Classroom is designed to give students choice and trains them in the processes of inquiry.  It provides a platform for learning that is driven by curiosity.

Of course, teachers need to make choices for their students. However, students who feel respected to make important decisions in their learning are more likely to compromise and work colaboratively with others.