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Your Choice!

YouPlanIt Classroom recognises that 'you' have something to say which has value and the potential to be extraordinary.  It is our hope that you begin to trust your own thinking and start exploring your natural instincts to succeed and flourish at school. 

In YouPlanIt Classroom you have the ability to plan around your personal interests and still cover all the normal learning areas that we typically expect a student to do at school.  The big difference is, you probably won't even realise you are doing all this work because you have chosen a learning path that is meaningful to you and therefore motivates you to work hard and enjoy it.  

Does this sound crazy?  Well, yes, but it is possible.  Working on something that motivates you is so much easier!  YouPlanIt Classroom allows you to do this.

Wonder is the place you begin this learning Journey.

Wonder - What is it?

It is a place where you get to “tune” into your own mind or thinking and begin to trust its value. It’s a place where you get to “thrash” out ideas, thoughts, passions that keep you on the path of curiosity. It is where you make your thinking visible and give your voice a place to reason, think, create. It is where learning takes on meaning and you can enjoy discovering the incredible gift of being ‘you’!

Whether you decide to start your learning journey with 'WONDER' or not, it doesn't matter.  There are many benefits to creating your own lesson plans as this will give you ownership, responsibility, and a drive to succeed.

Work together with your teacher and create inspiring and innovative learning opportunities!

We acknowledge that children are born inquisitive, bold, creative, and are comfortable taking risks

We believe academic excellence is based on the ability of our children to communicate with clarity and build upon their diverse ideas, questions, creations, and thinking.  This becomes the building blocks for self-awareness, strength, pride, passion, and purpose in all they do.

We believe in the autonomy of our children’s intelligence to drive learning and change the world