Mayfield School Mid Canterbury

Kirsten Steel  
Teacher Years 6, 7 and 8 

Mayfield School Mid Canterbury

Richard Kidd 

As a beginning teacher, YouPlanIt Classroom has been so helpful with time and resource management. Everything is so efficient and easy to use, from the lesson plans, to the resources, to the self-assessment rubrics. I love how it puts the children back at the centre and involves them along every step of the way. YouPlanIt Classroom is incredibly versatile and helpful if you're starting an inquiry - everything is there, aligned with the curriculum and ready to go!


I was lucky enough to be offered the use of YouPlanIt Classroom for the last term of 2017. It had so many benefits for me as the teacher, particularly in engaging my brightest students (who were very ready to move up the school). The biggest 'wow' moment for me was when the students shared their presentations to the class. We were enthralled! Having the freedom to follow their passions, the students were confident and totally engaged the audience. We just didn't know what might come next!
The students thoroughly enjoyed working with Tala - who generously gave of her time to support me and my students. They are very keen to 'go again', now they understand more about how the YouPlanIt Classroom programme helps and guides them to achieve more exciting learning outcomes. This is Personalised Learning at its very best!

Tracey Cringle 

We acknowledge that children are born inquisitive, bold, creative, and are comfortable taking risks

We believe academic excellence is based on the ability of our children to communicate with clarity and build upon their diverse ideas, questions, creations, and thinking.  This becomes the building blocks for self-awareness, strength, pride, passion, and purpose in all they do.

We believe in the autonomy of our children’s intelligence to drive learning and change the world